Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Modding Forums Closed

I have decided to shutdown the Kingdoms of Amalur modding forums. Given that everyone hangs out in the Discord server instead, there is no reason to keep the forums online any longer.
All important information that was on the forums has been moved to specific places accordingly. Follow the links below for what you need.

Join us on Discord here:

Looking to install rMod? Follow the wiki guide here:

You can use the rMod Installer / Updater as well to make installing easy: rMod.Updater_v1.
Simply download and extract the executable file to the location where you either already have rMod installed to, or would want to install rMod to. Be warned, this file will download and extract things into the same folder as itself! You should place this file in the same folder where you want rMod.exe and such to be installed before running either update option!

If you are unsure of what you are doing with this program, simply leave all the options default and just click the 'Update rMod' or 'Update Addons' buttons depending on what you wish to install or update. If rMod is not found when using the 'Update rMod' button it will download and install the latest version from Github and extract it into the same folder. And similar with the addons button.

Important posts that were on the old forums have been moved to my personal forum here: