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[README] rMod Information

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:37 pm
by atom0s

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Mod

What is rMod?

rMod is an injected hook that is used to extend/modify Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.
rMod includes the following features:
  • In-Game Console
  • Text Scripts
  • Key Binds
  • Plugins
  • Addons (written in Lua)
  • Movable, Highly Customizable, Font Objects
In-Game Console
  • rMod includes a custom in-game console that allows you to quickly and easily configure rMod as you please. From the console, you can do things such as load/unload plugins, run text scripts, load/unload/reload addons, set keybinds, etc. The console can be toggled with a configurable console key. (The default is tilde, ~ the button next to the number 1.)

    While the rMod console is open and has focus, it will 'swallow' input preventing the game from seeing any keyboard or mouse events that you do while using it. If you click off the console though, and it loses focus, input will go to the game as normal. (Simply press the bound console key to toggle it on and off as needed.)
Text Scripts
  • While console commands are nice and convenient, it can become tiresome typing the same things over and over. That is where text scripts come in! You can use these scripts to execute a chunk of console commands for you in one go. By default, rMod will execute the 'default.txt' script each time the game is loaded. Your most common executed plugins, addons and keybinds can be placed there along with any custom commands that a plugin or addon may require for your preferred usage.
Key Binds
  • Key binds allow you to quickly and easy bind commands to a combination of keys. For example, the default keybind for the console is the tilde key. (~ next to the number 1). You can bind all kinds of key combos to execute the various useful commands while playing. Another example, say you have the fps addon loaded and wish to toggle its fps counter on and off. You can bind F12 to do that doing:

    /bind f12 /fps show
  • Plugins are extensions loaded into rMod that can be created by anyone. These extensions can help enhance the features of rMod giving it even more power for modifications to the game. Plugins are written in C++ (or any language that can adhere to the plugin requirements) and are loaded through the in-game rMod console. Plugins can also be automatically loaded through the default script (default.txt).
  • Addons are Lua based scripts that act similar to plugins, but are instead written in Lua. In order to make use of addons, you must first have the Addons plugin (Addons.dll) loaded within rMod. (This plugin is loaded by default with the main rMod package.)

    Important Note! It is important to note, addons operate in their OWN Lua states. These ARE NOT connected to the games Lua state in any manner! Each addon is loaded in its own Lua state as well, consider them sandboxed. This is so if one addon errors, it will not kill the other addons.
Moveable Font Objects
  • rMod includes a highly customizable font system that lets you build unique, in depth UI elements. While their base purpose is to display text, you can combine multiple objects together using the parenting and anchor properties to build in depth and unique objects. (For example, the expmon addon uses two font objects to create an exp bar.)

    These font objects are also movable with ease. Simply hold 'shift' then click and drag an object to move it. Some objects may lock their position and prevent movement though!

Re: [README] rMod Information

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:41 pm
by atom0s
System Requirements

rMod should work on systems between Windows XP to Windows 10. However, there are some requirements for it to work.

For Windows XP users, you will need service pack 3.
For Windows Vista, you will need service pack 2.
For Windows 7 users, you will need service pack 1.

All versions of Windows will also require the following package(s): Future requirements may be needed as rMod expands.

Re: [README] rMod Information

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:44 pm
by atom0s
rMod Documentation

For more information and more in-depth documentation for rMod, please view the wiki on the Github page here: