Reckoning Localization Table Translator

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Reckoning Localization Table Translator

Post by atom0s » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:31 am

Here is the original/old file localization tool by Raptor.

Homepage: ... lator.html
Unpackaged * .localization_table files are placed in a folder and converted to an xml file, which can be translated into any application you use (xml editor, Excel, Notepad, ...). Translated xml is then used as a source file to create translated files. You must re-route the application to the source data folder, and each localized file is stored in a file with the * .tran extension.

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v1.1 - Fixed some minor bugs and added automatic renaming of new files. There is no need to rename * .trank manually.
v1.2 - Fixed further bugs.
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