Modifications that affect the games resource files should be posted here. (ie. .big files etc.)
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Post by Kender » Sat May 05, 2018 11:22 am

On startup the game reads a file "DIRMGR.INI" from the current directory if it exists.
In it you can change the directories the game uses.

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ROOT_PATH=    ; here it will look for "bigs" and "content" folders.
APPDATA_FOLDER=  ; here it will create a "BigHugeEngine\Reckoning" folder with a "cache" and "temp" folder.
PERSONAL_FOLDER=    ; here it will load/save your profile and savegames.
Nothing really exciting but it can be useful to organise your dirs or to prevent it from cluttering up your "appdata" or "documents" folders.
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